Monday, May 29, 2006

Is there more to life than this?

It's a good question.

Is there more to life than eat, sleep, work, shout at the kids, be shouted at by your wife/husband/parents/children?

Is there more to life than just what we can see?

Some people ask the question and despair because they haven't found an answer.

In the Autumn of this year there is a chance to explore the meaning of life;

to ask questions;

to talk.

At All Saints we are going to run an Alpha Course - which provides a very easy way to explore together some of the big questions of life

Questions about suffering, about religion, about faith, about how to cope with life as we know it, maybe even questions about God!

So watch out for more information over the coming months and maybe you could find out if there is more to life than this!

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