Thursday, April 03, 2008

You're having a laugh!

What makes you laugh?

Victoria Wood, Allo Allo, Carry On, League of Gentleman, Harry Hill or the Radio 4 Comedy Zone? But then again - why do we laugh? No evolutionary biologist has ever explained to me sufficiently the human ability to roll on the floor laughing at seemingly nothing - a play on words or a misquotation. Where is the advantage in using energy in this way? Then again what is the evolutionary advantage of stopping to admire a beautiful sunset - surely the only advantage of Early Man (or Woman) stopping to stare at the colours of evening would be to any passing predator who would take advantage of the distraction to help themselves to a juicy meal!! Being lost in wonder or joy is certainly not a survival trait - is it?

One of the things whcih convinces me of the existence of a loving creator is the existence of Joy and Wonder - without Joy our lives would be dull, without wonder a stunningly boring monotone of harsh reality. I am delighted that our children know how to use the word "Wow!" and know how to giggle!

This month of April starts with a festival of Joy - Easter - the joy of the resurrection promising us resurrection, the wonder of the empty tomb showing us the depths of God's love. Also that great festival of Joy marked by April 1st (By the way - don't believe EVERYTHING that you read on the internet!) and then the joy of April Lambs and fluffy chicks.

This April give thanks to God that he created us as creatures of joy and wonder - He shared that part of his nature with us for sure - what else would God have been doing on the very first April 1st than creating the Duck Billed Platypus - was there a glint in His eye when He wondered what the evolutionary biologists would make of that one!

Have a Joy filled April

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