Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Carpet once again!!

Phase 1 of the Community Rooms Project is nearing completion - just a few key jobs left to do before we can throw away our jugs and buckets, move into the new kitchen and invite people from the village to make use of the room.

Yesterday (and most of the previous week) we spent hours painstakingly cleaning the church, removing the layers of dust which have built up over the last 4 months of building work. Our signature red carpet is back down - this time not just for a wedding but for keeps. The cross from the communion table at St George's in Highfields is back in place now forming a central focus for the new rooms.

Come and have a look - you'll be amazed.

Also everyone is invited to our formal service of opening and dedication on All Saints Day - Monday 1st November - where we will be joined by the Rt Rev Cyril Ashton, Bishop of Doncaster.

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