Friday, April 07, 2006

Christ in the Passover

Today saw the start of our series of events for Easter.

A young lady from Jews for Jesus came to share with us about the traditions and symbols of the Passover. We were gently taken through the symbols of bitter herbs and salt water, representing the bitter slavery of God's people in Egypt and the tears they shed, on to the symbols of sacrifice (a roast egg!) and the shank bone of a lamb reminding of the passover Lamb which can no longer be eaten as there is no temple in which to sacrifice it.

Our friend showed us how Jesus in his Life, Death and Resurrection was the ultimate fulfillment of all the Passover promises of God!

One thing I found incredible - at one point during the meal a piece of the unleavened bread (caled Matzoh) is taken from a special cloth which has three pieces in it, ceremonially broken and then wrapped in a linen cloth and hidden, later in the meal a child will be sent to find the piece of Matzoh now called the "Afikomen". When it is found the child receives a reward and then the Afikomen is broken into small pieces and eaten in the place of the Passover lamb.

Jesus, part of the Trinity which is how Christians know God, came and he was "broken" on the cross. His body was wrapped in linen and "hidden" in the tomb. He was, three days later, found to be alive and that finding carried a reward - eternal life (and it still does, although really it is Jesus who does the finding!!). In church during communion we eat bread to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us - eating bread in place of the true Passover lamb who died so that we could be God's friends and enjoy Him forever!

Oh! and just one last thought about the Afikomen - the Rabbis (who make a lot of the rules by which Jewish people live) decided that the Matzoh - the unleavened bread - should be pierced and striped! Hmm! Have a read of Isaiah 53 verse 5 and tell me if you don't think that God is trying to persuade His precious chosen people to believe in the the One who came to be their Messiah - the saviour of the world - Jesus.

More soon about Palm Sunday!

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