Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thinking outside the box!


I like Easter. Perhaps more than Christmas now that I'm all grown up and have to worry about how much presents cost rather than how quickly I can unwrap them all!

I think what I like best is that I can disentangle in my own mind the whole eggs, chocolate, bunny, chick, daffodil thing from the events just outside Jerusalem at the time of the Jewish Passover sometime around 33AD. At Christmas things get all jumbled up, but for me Easter is clear.

We celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive. That despite the best efforts of many people to put an end to Him, God's love proved to be stronger, stronger even than death.

I know he's alive because I've met him - that might make me sound mad, but it's true, and All Saints Church is full of people who would tell you the same thing.

My views on the alternative Easter images is summed up in the poster below which is produced by CPO

Now is a good time to find out who can!!

Happy Easter!

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