Friday, April 14, 2006

What's so good about "Good Friday"?

This year more than any other I've been asked this question, mainly by the younger members of our church or those visiting. Why is it "Good" Friday?

The thing to remember is that it is our name, referring to our view of the day. That first Good Friday was not a good day. 3 men executed, one on seemingly trumped up charges, the curtain in the temple torn in two (See here for a reference), a man expected to be the saviour of his people dead and buried, betrayed by one of his own and deserted by everyone except a few weeping women, one close friend and his mother.

There is no easy way to say this - Jesus died in utter agony. Crucifixion was THE most painful way to die, and he had been flogged half to death first. Add to that what we blieve was happening - that all the powers of darkness and hell vented their fury on Him - what was happening in the visible world - the nails, the lash, the pain, the darkness - were echoes of what was happening also in the spiritual world - the whole weight of our sin, our wrongdoing, taken out on Him by the powers of evil.

But why then Good Friday - because of one word Jesus spoke - in english it is rendered "It is finished" - in the original language of Jesus' day known as Koine (Coynay) Greek it is one word "tetelestai" (te-te-less-tay). It was a word written on a bill which had been settled - it can also be rendered "paid in full"

Somehow Jesus paid the price of our sin - he broke down the wall which our wrongdoing had built between us and God, he opened the way for us to know the love of God again.

It wasn't "Good" for Him, it was "Good" for us.

Because of His death we can know forgiveness and a chance for a new start!

Indeed Good Friday!

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