Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Well, It's a start!


I've been meaning to start a Church blog for a while but I've never got round to it. A friend directed me to and lo and behold here we are.

But who are "we"?

We are All Saints Church, which is based in the village of Woodlands, north of Doncaster, in South Yorkshire in the UK. Our parish covers 2/3 of Woodlands and all of the village of Highfields.

We are part of the Church of England - and our local part of the church is the Diocese of Sheffield.

Our building is quite distinctive - I'll post some more pictures as we go along but here is a nice shot from GenUKi.

Oh! Who am I?

I'm the vicar of All Saints - Rev Stephen Gardner - and we'll talk a bit more about the church family and what we do, and faith, and life as the vicar of a church, and about Jesus - who is reason All Saints exists!

See you soon

The Vicar!

1 comment:

Mike North said...

Yay! A blog for church. Nice one.

Will look forward to seeing all the latest news here.

Mike (piano-man!)