Monday, April 10, 2006

Revival in our homes

What a day Palm Sunday was this year. As well as a vicarage birthday we celebrated Jesus entry into Jerusalem and looked to Friday as we took our Palm Crosses.

The music group and singers sang two songs from Roger Jones' musical "Jerusalem Joy" whilst the children paraded around the church waving the palm branches thay had made.

Palm Sunday is a bitter-sweet sort of day - we celebrate Jesus hailed as a king knowing full well that by Friday the crowds will be baying for his blood - and all that without the modern media!!

In our last hymn we sang

"Sometimes they strew his way,
and his sweet praises sing,
resounding all the day hosannas to their King.
Then "Crucify!"
is all their breath,
and for his death
they thirst and cry."

For all the words click here

In the evening we went to the City Celebration in Doncaster - a town wide gathering of Christians of all denominations, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Salvation Army, Free Church, and several other groups I haven't remembered to mention.

The speaker was Rachel Hickson and she was amazing. Very dynamic and very challenging but speaking right to the heart of what Doncaster needs! Her website is here. She spoke of the need to see revival happening first in our homes and then seeing the light spread out onto the streets.

We spent time praying for marriages, for families, for children, for businesses and for those who have no voices to speak out - the marginalised and the outcasts.

Very challenged but very encouraged!

What a start to Holy Week!

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