Friday, April 14, 2006

A towel, a plate, a cup and a Traitor

Well! Finally a chance to reflect on the Easter weekend.

Thursday evening found us sat around a low table set for 13. We remembered Jesus' words and actions as he washed his disciples feet, as they enjoyed God's goodness as they remembered His rescuing His people from Egypt and as Jesus took bread and wine and gave it incredible significance.

What always strikes me on Maundy Thursday is that Jesus did all this BEFORE Judas left to betray him - at least that is the way I read the Gospel accounts. Jesus washed Judas' feet, gave Judas the great signs of God's mercy.

All the disciples ran, Peter's denial was as much a betrayal as Judas. The only difference was Judas decided to take his future into his own hands, Peter stayed long enough to discover Jesus' version of Peter's future!!

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